Behind the Designs2



March 13, 2022 0 min read


We work with factories that improve the well-being of employees. Our designs seek to minimize waste and increase yields of materials. 

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<b><span data-contrast="none">Timelessness</span></b><span> </span>


March 13, 2022 0 min read

Our products are classics.  They wear well.  They do not rely on trends, so their appeal persists with time because we apply our unique textile patterns and designs to products that can be worn by all ages and all genders.  For example, we've seen our men's button ups be worn with a formal jacket, as a casual Hawaiian Aloha Friday shirt at the office and girls wearing "The Boyfriend" shirt with cutoff jeans.

Though technology changes very quickly, we find that our designs will not age like technology but rather like a fine wine.  Just as a printing press is old technology, today it would be a beautiful art installation.  

Our technology themed patterns may not be for all, we feel that we do a pretty good job of sneaking intelligent concepts into beautiful wears that are truly timeless, tech savvy or not.

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